Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

25 April, 2014

Hello and goodbye, as it were…

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If you’ve been here before, you may notice some things are missing.

They’re not actually GONE… just gone from here.

It was recently brought to my attention that I haven’t mirrored this site off my main blog but once in about the last three years, and truth to tell I usually forget it’s here. And every time I look the ‘nice people’ at WordPress have completely rewritten the interface and it’s an hour of clicking on things trying to figure out what they put where this time.

So it seems only logical to simply shut it down.

The things that were posted here are now being posted on the Dark Side of Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost.

Other things, more along the lines of cool stuff I found while surfing the web (most related to history somehow) are at Rysearch (tag: Wandering the Web in Search of the World. Or Vice Versa.) Every once in a while I may go slightly off my nut and rant there, too. I’ll try to be at least amusing.

Strange wild photos are occasionally posted as rcmckee on Tumblr or as rcmwandering on Instagram

Texas, in all its historical, wild, or wacky glory, is at The Other Texas (where it’s not just cowboyin’).

TOT also has its own Tumblr and Instagram as well.

And if you’ve read this far in this post, you might as well go ahead and delete the bookmark, unfollow this address, or whatever strikes your fancy.

This is the end of Gone, finished, kaput. No hay mas.

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