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26 November, 2012

Everybody Loves A Parade….

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Well, not exactly “everybody.”

Me, though… I’ve made a point of hitting every Thanksgiving Day parade for…. years. Music, bands, dancers, pretty girls, balloons, floats, silly people….

This year the weather was perfect – maybe a little warmer than a Winter parade should be, but at least it wasn’t freezing or raining….

More behind him. Click pic.

Traditionally the parade ends with Santa. I’m contrary tonight.

23 November, 2012


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“Well,” the cop said, “at least his lock worked.”

Houston can be a tough place.

(It’s not my bike; I was walking over to the Thanksgiving Parade and noticed this…)

4 November, 2012

Art Evening

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After hours yesterday turned into gallery crawl time. Dropped by Guiton Street Artists‘ Open Studio to see what Lilibeth Andre and Janis Edel and a few other folk were getting up to, then headed over to East End Studio Gallery to check out the Dia de Los Muertos exhibit there.

Neat Exhibit.

Neater music. Huehuetl, Music from the indigenous cultures of what’s now Mexico and parts of Central America. Very interesting, not like anything you’ve heard before.

Guess I have to learn video for times like this.

(Topiltzin Borsegui on left, Ce Acatl Borsegui at right)

3 November, 2012

Get Lost

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Went wandering the HORBA offroad trails at Memorial Park yesterday…

27 October, 2012


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Everyone Likes Sunsets.

Me Too.

Because I can….

20 October, 2012

Books, books, book…

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Well, A Book, anyway. This one:

The Kingdom is in trouble. The High Priest, the King’s chief adviser, is, well, maybe not the best guy for the job. The Princess and a handful of her People are caught between the Bad Guy and the Bad Things He Wants to Do….

I don’t even know how this ends.

But it was written (and illustrated) by Lilibeth Andre, whom I’ve known for several years now (love her style and subjects) and almost anything that happens at MECA is worth the time…

Author! Author!

Author and Our Heroine:

Author and Our Heroine’s Hero:

About the author:

For the rest: {hint, hint}

18 October, 2012

Uh Oh…

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We’re everywhere.

9 October, 2012


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Okay, couple things in advance, just to be clear.

1. This is not the guy it looks like; it’s another guy who looks like him.

2. This is not the way the picture looked when it came out of the camera. Photoshoppery has happened here.

3. That said, it DOES look like him, dunnit?

This is actually Suresh Shah of Houston, at the Gandhi Library’s 1000 Lights for Peace walk last Sunday. And just in case you’re interested, there are pictures from the walk hidden behind him.

27 September, 2012


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Back to Texas World Speedway just outside College Station…

I grew up around cars like this, and around people who like to drive them at high rates of speed.

Until I learned my own limits, I tried to be one of those people. I picked up a few interesting lessons along the way, and now, I photograph other people driving them fast instead. It’s almost as much fun as driving, and having me on this side of the camera is safer for everyone.

I mentioned a post or two back that I was moving galleries to a new host. This is the first REAL test. There are pix behind this one. Go look. (Warning: There are a LOT of pix behind this one.)

18 September, 2012

It has been brought to my attention

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That I have not posted here in over a month.

For which I apologize, more or less.

However. I can explain.

SmugMug, which has been hosting the extended galleries behind the blog here, has raised their hosting fee far beyond what I’m willing to absorb, given that this blog and those galleries are a non-paying proposition.

Therefore I’ve spent much of my spare bloggery time working on the back end here, so that those galleries will stay accessible when my prepayment with SmugMug runs out. (The new address for the gallery main page is )

Just to be clear, because they’re good folk with a legitimate business to run… I have no personal issues with the service or the people at SmugMug; if anyone’s looking for hosting for event photography or other e-store retail/print sales, they’re great – and with the price increase they’re still among the most reasonable places out there. It’s just that I make no money from this blog or the galleries, and in case anyone’s missed it the newspaper business is, in technical terminology, circling the drain.

That being the case it’s important to reduce all nonessential expenses – and hosting with SmugMug because I’m too damn lazy to set up and learn the gallery software that comes FREE with my webhosting is about as nonessential as it gets.

Also just to be clear, I still work with the same labs they use; if you decide you have to have a copy of anything I post here, please feel free to contact me directly and we can set that up.

Anyway if my absence has been noted, that’s why.

Rumors of my demise, untimely or otherwise, are mistaken, as far as I know. Could be wrong about that any time now, though.

So that’s it. There will be more photos…

And, because this is the InterToobs…

Have a cat.

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